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To be very honest with you, travelling is not something that excites me. The prospect of sitting and planning an itinerary is somewhat intimidating. What if I get it wrong? What if I end up spending more than required? So, you can imagine by elation when I came across Maps and Stories. It really is a one stop shop for travelling enthusiasts who want to do something different and don’t know where to begin.

Maps and Stories planned my trip to the United States of America and it was incredible!!! To lend a little perspective to everyone reading this testimonial, I’ve lived in the States for 9 years and I thought I’d seen pretty much everything there was to see. I kept going back to meet my friends and to shop, that’s about it. But this time around, I wanted to do something different and see a side of the U.S. that I hadn’t seen before. And Maps and Stories blew me away!

A four day road trip was planned for a friend of mine and myself, from Denver, Colorado to San Francisco, California. We drove through Colorado, Utah, Nevada and then lastly California, witnessing some of the most scenic landscape I’ve ever seen. The trip was planned in such a way that we didn’t end up spending more than 5 hours on the road a day and got to visit beautiful state and national parks. Our instructions were simple. We told Maps and Stories, we want to take a road trip that allows us to enjoy scenic drives and we don’t care much for fancy hotels. We just wanted a nice clean room. Apart from our driving route, all of our stay was organised by Maps and Stories as well. We stayed in simple motels to cozy Bed n Breakfasts and topped it off with a stay in a swanky hotel in Vegas. All for a very reasonable price.

This might sound like an exaggeration…but the statement I’m about to make is 100% true: I can’t wait to see more of the world! And I’m ready to go anywhere, because I know…all I have to do is give Maps and Stories a call and they’ll plan something epic and it’ll be right in my budget!!

Thank you Maps and Stories…for everything!!!!

Rohan Shah
(National Parks Circuit, USA, July 2014)



Alaska : the final frontier! I was still debating with my family on the vacation destination in between Alaska and Hawaii till we took off to Anchorage from San Francisco!

And the 49th state of the US started impressing me before even we landed through the aerial views! Very pristine, serene and nature friendly Alaska with great explorations to offer including local cruises, glacier walks, hikes, hot springs and Mount McKinley as well as Denali National Park.On the top that the state also one of the best organic foods and Sea foods for the culinary delight! What an amazing place!

The trip was meticulously planned and very professionally arranged by Sameer and his team from Maps and Stories! The accommodation recommendations and the suggested restaurants were just too good! They went above and beyond ensuring we get a life time experience! And boy surely we did! Even a California brand ambassador like me this turned out to be a great exploration experience! And I have become a fan of Alaska!Great job by maps and stories!

Nitin Okhade & Family
(Alaska, USA, June 2014)

As age was a deterrent to take my parents (both 75+) for their first trip ever out of the country, we decided to customize it so that we could plan it at a relaxed pace at the same time make the most of our time there.

As soon as we met the Maps & Stories team, they struck us as competent and knowledgeable about intricacies of tour planning. Their suggestion of exploring the Slovenian coast in a yacht (my daughter was thrilled as she got to be the skipper of the yacht), driving through the Alps via Bled and finally getting a good dose of history n culture in Salzburg and Vienna for perfect! As we were flying Turkish Airlines, their suggestion to stop in Istanbul on the way back helped us get a glimpse into the brilliant architecture and culture of one more country.

While Sameer was driving us throughout the trip, with the help of their local guides Janez Ohnjec and Danijel Germek we got opportunity to interact with local Slovenes who were very helpful. One particular place Sameer took us to was Gross-Glockner, the highest peak in Austria. None of organized group tours from India take you there. It can only be compared to Jung-frau in Switzerland. Splendid! Salzburg didn’t disappoint us a bit. But we were very impressed by Vienna! The entire city is Heritage!!

Times when my parents rested, we took local trams, travelled in Metro and scoped out places on foot like the locals. This was exactly the way we wanted to spend time in Europe.

In a nutshell, I would like to mention that Maps and Stories is a great choice for anybody who likes to plan or customize a trip to lesser visited gems around the world. This is not to say that they will not take you to routine touristic places but I have come to realize 'they do things differently'.I have already recommended them to many of my friends!

Dr. Kedar Parulkar & family
(Slovenia, Austria & Istanbul, May 2014)



It sounds like a dream come true and it was in every way. It was an incredible experience learning about the histories and cultures of these different countries sharing the same land mass yet their people are so different in their way of life, their economy and their society. The entire trip for me was like a complete assault on the senses. It was like going back in time…..first through the medieval ages and then through the world war.

Apart from doing a thorough research and planning our itineraries accordingly, Sameer ensured the safety and well-being of our group throughout the trip.

Maps & Stories give the word ‘travel’ a whole new meaning. For me the best souvenirs are the stories I brought back home and this trip has given me a lifetime of memories. Thank you again for a lovely holiday and here’s wishing Maps & Stories a great Future!

Sharada Harihar
(Germany, Czech Republic & Poland, May 2014)

Our vacation was one of the best vacations we ever had.. thanks to your meticulous planning! I was initially a bit apprehensive as we had never travelled with the kids alone...but your instructions were so perfect that we were totally at ease. Since you had taken into consideration the kids preferences as well, they too enjoyed the trip as much as we did!! Since you had planned everything so well, with most bookings done in advance, we didn’t waste our time standing in the long queues! We could spend a lot of time leisurely doing things we enjoyed and what the kids wanted instead of just hurrying from one place to another! Infact we even managed to have a picnic lunch in Hyde park!!

Scotland too was amazing....the picture postcard scenery was breathtaking...the accommodations were very warm and cosy and at convenient locations, just like we wanted!

All in all a very relaxing and memorable vacation...thanks to your efforts....definitely leaving me want a longer vacation the next time!!! !

Anagha & Sanjay Kinare
(London & Scotland, May 2014)



Two of my friends and I recently got back from our trip to Czech, Austria and Slovenia and we had a blast. Everything was perfectly planned, hotel bookings, car rentals, inter-city travels with detailed maps to every place, tour guides, things to do in every city and places to eat at.

Except for knowing we want to see Prague and Vienna, we were absolutely clueless as to what we should explore. Maps and stories suggested Slovenia and a few small towns on the outskirts of Vienna. These places had breath taking landscapes. Fall was a perfect time to go there, it just made everything a whole lot prettier.

We did not have to worry about anything, just had to take the window seat and enjoy the journey. It was absolutely brilliant.
Thank you Jeshal and Sameer.

Nidhi Shah
(Prague, Austria, Slovenia, Oct 2013)

We went to maps and stories with only our travel dates and "somewhere in europe" as our brief. They painstakingly went over all the options possible and once we firmed up on the location they layered it with a great amount of detail. All we did was followed our travel Bible and everything just fell in place. Each hotel they chose was well researched, with a lot of character and with us in mind. We also realized that not being able to drive and explore Europe is not a hindrance if you go with these guys. They hooked us up with a lovely local guide and this enhanced our experience a great deal. The surprise dinner they arranged at Grand Bohemia was a perfect finale to this amazingly designed trip!

Sonal & Parul
(Black Forest, Munich & Czech Repbulic, July 2013)




“……To be honest , I had my own apprehensions to assign you the task of planning & arranging our trip to Turkey , because I have never holidayed on a planned tour arranged by a travel agent. My aversion of going on holiday through a Travel agent comes out of stories one hears of packed schedules , and doing things which really doesn’t interest you.

But after going through this trip I realized how wrong I was because firstly you guys are not a regular Travel Agent, but a holiday planner in true sense. Every finer details and crazy instructions were adhered to (Hotel room with wooden flooring and not carpets), the guides were people one could identify with knowledgeable and not pushy, hotels top class , local transport & logistics in Turkey top class no room to complain.

The lunch arranged at Greek House the family café was really a nice gesture on your part and very thoughtful. Overall a great experience to deal with you, wish you all the best and all the success. these guys are not Travel Agents, but Holiday Planners in true sense.”

Avnish Gupta
(Turkey, May 2013)

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