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Backroads of France

For many a tourist, France beings and ends in Paris – and while the city is undoubtedly the ‘star’ attraction of France, for a traveler, the French country side has much more to offer. This truly unique personalized experience will take you from the glamour of Paris, to the majestic chateaux of the Loire valley, from there on to Brittany, where medieval walled cities such as Vitre and Vannes take you back in time – then on to the stunning St. Michel and finally into Normandy – known for some of the best gastronomic experiences in France.



  • No other city in the world comes close to Paris in its grandeur, glamour and romance – we spend at least three full days in ville d’amour– trying to soak in as many of the sights and monuments we can, knowing fully that to fully experience Paris may need almost a year, if not more!
    • Take a tour of some of the largest, most extravagant and truly magnificent of the French chateaux, including  the king of them all – Chateau de Chambord – all scattered like jewels along the Loire valley, which itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – an architectural treat for the eyes and the camera!
    • Gasp at the megaliths of Carnac – ancient granite blocks, arranged in intriguing patterns, dating back to 4000 BC
    • Lose yourself in the walled cities of Vitré, Vannes, Concarneu & St-Malo, and transport yourself in history to experience the medieval life
    • Visit and wonder at Mount St. Michel – surrounded by sea, it is one of the most enchanting sights in France
    • A haven for connoisseurs of fine seafood,  cheese and elixirs of life – Taste some of the finest of French cheeses, which come from this region – including the most popular Camembert and splurge on the fine wines, calvados, Benedictine and the ever -so-special cidre
    • Live in a Troglodyte Dwelling – hotels built in caves, cut out of cliff face


  • French people cheek kiss to greet each others between family and friends, even between men. The number of kisses varies according to the region, from 1 (in Brittany) to 4 (in Paris and most of the North), and occasionally up to 5 in Corsica.
  • France was the first modern country to legalise same-sex sexual activity, in 1791. In contrast, gay sex was only legalised nationwide in the USA in 2003.
  • The French word for 'deadline' is (ironically) délai, and indeed delay is part and parcel of the French work culture.
  • There is a Victor Hugo street in every town in France.
  • The word “salut” means both “hello” and “goodbye”
  • There are over 400 kinds of cheese made in France.
  • France is the most visited country in the world, with over 80 million visitors every year.
  • French toast and french fries aren’t French inventions.
  • The Louvre is the most visited art museum in the world. The famous Mona Lisa painting is on display in this museum.
  • During World War II, Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy in northern France. The first day of these landings is called D-Day.
  • The French word for 'deadline' is (ironically) délai, and indeed delay is part and parcel of the French work culture.
  • The tradition of decorating Chritmas trees started in Eastern France in the 16th century
  • There are some 40,000 châteaux (castles, manors, palaces...) in France.
  • There are over 400 kinds of cheese made in France.
  • The spectacle "Ionesco" has been playing at the Théâtre de La Huchette since 1957, with over 15,000 performances - a world record.


Like most European countries, summer and fall are the best times to travel to France – this is when the days are long, and it’s fairly dry in the areas where this itinerary takes us. From mid-May to early-October is recommended, although it does get a bit cool toward the end.


Here is what is included in the price:

  • Airport transfers, rental car and petrol
  • Entrance fees to all attractions, with the exception of Moulin Rouge or Lido show in Paris, which is optional
  • Accommodation in Bed and Breakfasts, on a twin sharing basis
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with vegetarian option
  • Schenghen Visa charges and visa related expenses
  • Medical and/or travel insurance

And here is what is not included:

  • Airfare – Airfare is not included in the price. Trip starts and ends in Charles de Gaulle Airport of Paris.
  • Expenses of personal nature, such as shopping, tips in restaurants and hotels and alcohol

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