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Bon Apetit - Gastronomic Journey through Western France

This one is for all the food-a-holics and drink-a-holics out there! Join us on one of the most ful"filling" of our trips as we embark on a gastronomic journey of western France. From the wines of Loire valley to mussels of Brittany to camembert in Normandy, we will taste it all. Driving through some of the most stunning landscapes of France, this easy-paced itinerary indulges all your senses – bring your camera and your appetite – you will need both



  • Three full days in Paris before we start the road trip – no better starting point for our gastronomic adventure than ville d’amour!
  • A full day visiting the chateaus of Loire Valley – the most extravagant symbols of French aristocracy – including Chateau Chambord, the king of them all. Sample some of the excellent but relatively unknown wines of the region – such as the Anjou and Saumur or Vouvray’s chenin blanc. We will also sample the Cointreau & absinthe liquors brewed in this region
  • Drive along Brittany’s immense and beautiful Atlantic coast stopping by at less frequented towns like Vannes, Concarneau, Quimper & St-Malo – tasting some of the most popular shellfish including lobster, langoustine, crayfish, mussels and oysters (especially from Belon and Cancale), clams, crabs and scallops – often served on a platter as Plateau de fruits de mer (sea-food platter)
  • Indulge your sweet tooth – taste the heavenly “Far Breton” pie and a host of other pastries like the Kouign-amann.
  • Sweet Crepes & Salty Galettes – that’s what Brittany is known for!
  • Go beyond the ordinary – try the chouchen – a form of mead, made from buckwheat honey with a characteristic colour and strong flavour


  • The popular liquor Cointreau (made from orange peels) and the relatively less known absinthe (made from anise and fennel) are both brewed in the Loire valley
  • Brittany accounts for nearly 80% of France's total shellfish production. Two third of France's production of flat oysters is actually based in Cancale near Saint-Malo on the Emerald Coast


Loire Valley and Brittany can be visited from April through October, while Summer months of July and August offer the most daylight and a number of outdoor activities and festivals


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Home > Learn On The Road > Bon Apetit - Gastronomic Journey through Western France