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The Final Frontier

A land where forces of nature humble man, a land where miles of untamed landscape are ruled by snow clad mountains and crystal clear glacial lakes, a land where man has lived in harmony with some of the world’s most diverse wildlife. The Final Frontier tour is an exclusive, fully guided 12-day road trip through pristine wilderness, stunning landscapes & tribal cultures taking you to regions of United States that are known only to travelers and not tourists




  • 20-21 hours of sunlight every day!
  • Kayaking in the Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Close up views of glaciers and possibly spotting an avalanche
  • Enjoy spectacular views of Mt. McKinley in the Denali National Park
  • Whale watching in the Resurrection Bay
  • Experience the lives of the native Indians at the Alaska Native Heritage Center – a grand living museum with dance & music performances and art & craft demonstrations
  • Spectacular drives through mountains and valleys, through clouds and beside lakes, spotting wildlife on the way and stopping by at little villages and cafes -
  • A gastronomic treat for fish lovers – the Alaskan salmon and the Alaskan halibut (but don’t worry if you are a vegetarian – we have you covered!)


  • Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867 for less than 2 cents an acre
  • Alaska with 3 million lakes has parts which have 24 hrs of daylight and 24 hrs of night
  • State sport - Dog mushing
    It was once the primary form of transportation. Today 'Iditarod' the sled dog race is one of the most popular events in this part of the world
  • Live and Let Live. This is Alaska's unofficial motto. That means you don't care what wackiness your neighbor is up to, what's in their yard, or if they have 72 sled dogs
  • Ice Fog. It's just beautiful and magically coats the trees with Ice magic--like out of a Christmas card.
  • No ticks, worms or dog licenses.
  • People go shopping wearing rubber boots and bunny boots (military boots) and all sorts coveralls. Fashion can be brushed aside--no worries here!
  • Gourmet coffee available everywhere. Nowhere else do drive through coffee huts grow like weeds, and it's especially funny because Alaskans claim they are not snobs--but sure love their fancy coffee.


Alaska is best visited in the Summer, when the days are long and temperatures are mild.  July and August are the best months, while June and September are also an option.  All our Alaska tours are planned for the months of July and August.

We plan to operate one Alaska tour in Winter (late November), to see the Northern Lights, and this will be announced later.  Stay tuned. 


Here is what is included in the price:

  • Airport transfers, rental car and petrol
  • Ferry from Valdez to Whittier
  • Accommodation in Bed and Breakfasts, on a twin sharing basis
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with vegetarian option
  • Entrance fees to all attractions

And here is what is not included:

  • Airfare – Airfare is not included in the price. Trip starts and ends at Anchorage international airport.
  • US Visa charges and visa related expenses
  • Medical and/or travel insurance
  • Expenses of personal nature, such as shopping, tips in restaurants and hotels and alcohol

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Home > Itineraries > Trip Of A Lifetime > ALASKA – The Final Frontier